It is the mission of the Northern California chapter of The Hutchinson Bell to promote Florida College through the Florida College NorCal Camp and other chapter activities.

I. To promote and support the purposes and goals of Florida College by:
    (a) Planning and implementing fund raising projects for student scholarships or other worthwhile projects
    (b) Encouraging attendance to Florida College
    (c) Encouraging private financial contributions to the college
II. To raise funds for scholarships to qualifying students in the Northern California area who wish to attend Florida College
III. To provide wholesome entertainment and recreational activities for young people and their families
IV. To perpetuate friendships and understanding among alumni and boosters of Florida College in the Northern California Area, and to promote and encourage a greater participation by alumni and boosters toward the financial goals of Florida College

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The Northern California chapter is supported by a number of outstanding volunteers.

President – Trey Cain
Vice President – David Posey
Treasurer – Steve Dickey
Secretary – Candee Dickey
Fundraising Coordinator – Jenny Marrs


Florida College NorCal Camp gives young people a small taste of the atmosphere that Florida College provides for its students, full of opportunities to grow spiritually, make memories and build lifelong relationships.

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