A Bell begins to toll high atop Hutchinson Auditorium, its metallic ring distinctively calling the Florida College family together.  Students, faculty and staff begin taking their assigned or customary seats much like a family gathering around the dinner table. Greetings are exchanged and quiet conversation is heard until an unannounced male voice from the audience begins singing a familiar hymn, which is joined by others. Quickly and hurriedly others take their seats. It is 9:15 a.m. on any Monday through Friday. Daily chapel is about to begin.

As you read the articles, we hope you recall the good times, the special memories, the close friendships, the family that we all are a part of when we are a “Friend” to Florida College.

Alpha Club
Friends (Music) Group
Connie Ashley
The Hillsborough River
These articles are taken from the book, Making a Difference – Florida College: The First Fifty Years