How many of us knew, loved and thought of Connie Ashley as our “second mom?”  She has long been known, by all who knew her, for her service to others, her friendliness, her good works among Florida College students, and her love of cats!  

In 1956, Connie came to Florida College to be secretary to Harry Pickup, Sr., director of public relations.  She also served as a sponsor of the Young Women’s Training Organization and had countless students into her home for chicken and rice and corn pudding!  I can taste it now – yum yum.  Neverly every Sunday evening after worship services, she invited thirty or more students into her home for supper and hymn singing. She opened her home to those who had no other home and spread her love and goodness lavishly in helping others. Students who could not go home for the holidays found comfort at Connie’s house. For this dedication, Connie was given the “Friend to Youth” award in 1979. 

The one word that seemed best to describe Connie Ashley’s life was “service.” She left what she considered to be a “less than meaningful” childhood to become a Christian. She was widely and tremendously admired for her sweetness, kindness and generosity.  Florida College students were grateful to have Connie Ashley as their friend.