Peaceful and serene, the dark waters of the Hillsborough River meander along an ageless path from the wetlands of Central Florida to Tampa Bay, where they join the water of other streams.

All of us who have been a part of Florida College know and love the scenic stretch of the Hillsborough River that flows through the campus.  Its grassy west bank provides a quiet getaway to study, a romantic setting to talk with someone special, a noisy place where girls chase guys in the Sadie Hawkins race, and a solitary retreat to be alone with God and the beauty of His creation.

In the still of a spring evening each year, as the moon rises above the marshes to the east, the sound of music calls us all to the river to witness the traditional Spring Festival, when a boat brings the ladies of the court down the river to the finely decorated amphitheater stage. The river adds to the magic of these moments.

Who can forget the precious times spent in deep conversations with loved ones or the times when we just stared together at the trees and their reflection in the still water. The river could surely tell us many a story of love won or lost, of spiritual insights, of changed perspectives, of anger assuaged, of prayers uttered from the depths of many hearts. The river became a part of us as we became a part of what makes Florida College a family