2022/23 Scholarship Application
The Hutchinson Bell scholarship is intended to assist students attending Florida College who have limited access to local chapters or camps which provide FC scholarships and thus have not received scholarships from them.
In evaluating applications, the scholarship committee will rely on the resources and input of the Florida College admissions office, and by applying you are permitting the admissions office to share any information deemed relevant to selecting a scholarship recipient.
Children or grandchildren of the national Hutchinson Bell Board or the Florida College board, administration, or faculty are not eligible for this scholarship.
The application will not be considered complete unless all questions are answered and until the following documents are submitted.
CLICK HERE to fill out the Scholarship Application, which includes a 500+ word essay on why you desire to attend Florida College.
CLICK HERE for the Reference Forms – You will also need two letters of recommendation by non-relatives. The two letters are as follows:
1) One educational reference from a past or present teacher or administrator or, if home educated, from someone familiar with your education, work history, or community involvement.
2) One spiritual reference from an elder, deacon, preacher, or other member of the church you attend.
By applying you are waiving all rights to see or know the contents of any letters of recommendation.
The application, essay, and letters of reference must all be submitted by March 1, 2022.