Adopt a Student

For 25 years, the James R. Cope Adopt Program has been matching financially challenged students who dream of attending Florida College with generous donors who are willing to make an investment in them and their education. The donors may be family, members of the student’s local congregation or complete strangers, but each year, Adopt students are able to receive a Florida College education all thanks to donations from these Adopt parents.
Making a gift to the Adopt Program not only supports your Adopt student, but also generates support for future Adopt students. Students who receive support from the Adopt Program agree to give back to the program after they have graduated from Florida College and are financially able, creating a lasting legacy of giving that will sustain the program and Florida College for generations to come.
Students have been impacted forever by the donors who support them through the Adopt Program. Without that generous support, these students never would’ve had the opportunity to attend Florida College or achieve their goals. Please consider supporting students through their college career by making a gift to the James R. Cope Adopt Program.