Here is your Young Alumni Council

Hannah Beckley White
Jesse Bingham
Daniel Broadwell
Gabriel Chaves
William Christian
Bryce Cline
Malachai Darling
Betsy Gant
Laura Giles
Sarah Harris
Leah Hersey
Bret Hockersmith
Steven “Elliott” Johnson
Beau Kirkwood
Samuel Lee
Roy Mason
Abraham Mayberry
Andres Palacios
Cameron Piner
William Speer
Tania Steele
Rachel Stringer
Katie Thompson
Madeline Turner
Andrew Yeater

Looking to get involved with your alma mater?
The Hutchinson Bell is seeking new members for the Young Alumni Council.
What is The Hutchinson Bell? Good question! After students graduate from Florida College, they have the opportunity to join an elite society of alumni and friends of the college. One specific part of The Hutchinson Bell is hosting events (Florida College summer camps, banquets, 5ks, and more) to spread the mission of Florida College and help future Falcons attend.
The Young Alumni Council advises the Director of Alumni Relations on programs and services that specifically benefit recent graduates of Florida College (aka you!). The focus is to collaborate on how to educate other young alumni about the programs, services and mission of The Hutchinson Bell, as well as to advance and support the general welfare of Florida College. The objective is to create a continuum from student to alumnus, and foster relationships with young alumni that lead to lifetime involvement.
Are you in?

Benefits of council membership:
● A place for your alumni voice to be heard
● Volunteer/leadership experience
Qualifications for council membership:
● Desire to serve FC through volunteerism and philanthropy
● Willing to support The Hutchinson Bell’s mission and programming efforts
● Attended FC within the last 10 years (completed one academic year of work & in good standing at FC)
● Younger than 35
Expectations of council membership:
Members agree to serve a term of 3 years with the option to renew one term
● Current annual or lifetime member of The Hutchinson Bell ($25/individual | $35/family | $500 lifetime)

● Commit to joining quarterly zoom meetings (possibility of one of these meetings in person)
● Attend at least 1 alumni event sponsored by a local Hutchinson Bell chapter each year
● Make a meaningful connection with a current student each year
● Make a participatory annual gift to Florida College
● Join YAC team on Basecamp (project management app)
● Nominate at least two candidates for Young Alumni Council

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Applications are open October-November of each year. New members are selected in December to begin their term in January. The Young Alumni Council will consist of no more than 30 members.
Email:  alumnirelations@floridacollege.edu